Apartments & Bungalows

RKITECT uPVC windows and doors require very little maintenance as compared to their wooden and aluminum counterparts. They also provide thermal insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

RKITECT understands the requirements of builders and the needs of the end user. The products while being price competitive are also extremely functional and user friendly. The windows, being factory finished, can be installed at the final stages of the building construction with a small work-force, thereby causing minimal disturbance and damages to other works.

RKITECT windows are designed with inbuilt flexibility where the builder can provide basic options and the end user can enhance the options based on their requirements such as fly mesh. RKITECT uPVC windows are stylish, sturdy, long lasting and offer cost effective options.


Adorn your villa with beautiful French windows and doors from RKITECT. Our uPVC windows not only enhance the beauty of your villas, but also keep away dust and pollution.

That’s not all; RKITECT uPVC windows provide unobstructed view of the world, while protecting you from the harmful effects of the environment outside. Noise, strong winds, heat and rain don’t stand a chance!

Schools, Colleges or Universities

‘No honking’ signs are not enough to reduce noise pollution surrounding educational institutions. The environment of a school, college or universities should be conducive for learning. However, external noise from passing traffic or loud music and internal noise from another class or the play-ground can disrupt the flow of teaching, learning and classroom management.

Wood or metal windows do not block out noise as effectively as uPVC windows do. RKITECT uPVC windows help soundproofing and ensure a peaceful learning environment for students. RKITECT uPVC windows also keep away dust and pollution, providing a healthy, tranquil environment for school children.