Why should you choose Rkitect

You compare; but not apple with pear.
Off course, from distance all upvc windows and doors seem alike; but as you come nearer you will feel the differences such as cheap and rich formulation in their appearance, sturdiness, welding and color fastness, and in their functions with good or bad hardware.

Considering your requirements of high quality, taste of aesthetics and durability, Rkitect im-ports premium quality German, Turkish, and Chinese upvc profiles from its affiliates and uses high quality hardware to give your windows and doors unmatchable perfect elegant look, sturdiness & durability and smooth operations.

Rkitect has a team of highly skilled production, quality, and installation professionals, trained by German, Turkish and Chinese experts. These professionals help us gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Rkitect accepts no compromise on quality. Our expert professionals keep track of your order from inception to end and assure quality at production, installation and post installation stage.

Rkitect provides 15 years profile warranty and 1 year post installation labor service free. We deliver what we commit; we commit what we deliver. Rkitect professionals ensure the de-livery on time. That means after the order is placed, you just sit back and relax.