Architects & Civil Engineers

As a good architect, you need to have an eye for solutions that are modern, technically sound and innova-tive, and a knack for delivering within the given costs and timelines. And when it comes to doors and win-dows, RKITECT uPVC systems offer an optimal balance between aesthetics, design, performance and value.

Here are the some definite advantages of RKITECT products that help you enhance your designs.

  • Almost unlimited customization options: available in a range of shapes and designs, combinations and extra-large windows.
  • Technical attributes: high sound and thermal insulation, besides protection against rain water seepage.
  • Range of finishes to suit the desired look of exteriors/interiors: available in white and wood-finish laminations.
  • Light weight of upvc products gives flexibility to architects and engineers to meet last minutes changes, such as rising of wall on no beam and column supported area.

Builder & Constructor

We at RKITECT constantly strive to provide better products, such as environment-friendly, lead-free pro-files. In fact, RKITECT has many firsts to its credit. Moreover, for special projects, we offer an added ad-vantage of sourcing profiles from RKITECT’s European affiliates, if so needed..

RKITECT partners with architects to ensure the right solution is provided for every project. This includes sharing of windows and doors drawings based on initial assessment and a range of designs based on the project guidelines. We even provide corner sections and sample windows, to give the architects a feel of the product before placing the order.

Commercial and residential buildings are to be designed with precision, it is a place where business happens and our families live. Appropriate insulation, excellent fitting and acoustics are the major factors that should be considered while working towards achieving aesthetics and performance from doors and window fittings.

Doors and Windows comprise 60% of building’s aesthetic appeal. When it comes to giving classy look to the building, many materials, which are available in the industry, fail to do so due to some practical installation issues. Aesthetics along with appropriate fittings is solicited while choosing fenestration material.

Noise can disturb the whole office environment and especially in Pakistan when the office or com-mercial complex is on the main road. Rkitect provides upvc windows and doors that will help re-duce noise pollution up to 40 decibels (40dB) and contribute to 60% of the building elevation.