UPVC Casement


Rkitect’s casement window comes with gaskets all around the sash and locks at multiple points to provide maximum level of noise and thermal insulation. They can be hinged to open outward and angled in order to make housing structures breezy. Apart from its functional use, casement win-dows are energy efficient and are easier to clean and maintain.

Key Features:


For classic door design, UPVC casement door is ideal. They blend well with traditional aes-thetics with chic functionality. These doors impart a charm to any property. Also, they have numerous security features and locks at various points.

Key Features:

    • Easy to use
    • Cost efficient
    • Maintenance free
    • Multiple size options
    • Provides 50 % opening at any given point
    • Standard Size: 7’ Height x 6’ Width

Tilt Turn Window

This casement window works 2-ways. It acts in the top hung and side hung window that opens both ways – inwards and outwards.
Doesn’t come with a fly mesh

Key Features:

  • Doesn’t come with a fly mesh provi-sion.
  • Looks aesthetically appealing and pleasant.
  • Eases cleaning for the outside surface of glass.
  • Is available in multiple sizes for larger windows.
  • Can be used for ventilation due to the tilt option.
  • Secures completely as the hardware locks the sash from all around.