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We, Rkitect uPVC Frames, are thrilled to welcome YOU and introduce to our unmatchable imported quality uPVC windows, doors, office cubicles, partition walls and other upvc products.
By using Rkitect uPVC windows and doors, how would you like to/if:

  • Slash cooling or heating energy bill by 25 to 35%?
  • Reduce the noise pollution by 30 to 40 decibels (dB) and avoid its adverse ef-fects at home or office?
  • Get rid of annoyed jamming of alumi-num, anodizing, re-polishing of wood, high maintenance cost to low mainte-nance more durable, technologically ad-vance and aesthetically pleasing upvc products?
  • Contribute to greener world and ulti-mately greener Pakistan?
  • Your commercial projects, school, hospi-tals, industrial units and interiors are delivered with luxurious attributes such as upvc windows, doors, office partitions etc. and eventually yielding a competi-tive advantage and a premium price is added to your project pricing?
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Rkitect UPVC Benefits

Energy & Thermal Effeciancy

Are your windows saving or wasting money?

Rkitect uPVC windows save 25 to 35% energy losses. Air-conditioning is the staple need of all the modern buildings in Pakistan. Windows are huge ‘energy holes’ accounting for maximum cooling and heating losses. Having excellent thermal insulation properties, RKITECT upvc win-dows are brilliant money savers on day to day basis owing to the thermal efficiency which con-tributes to saving energy cost and heightened comfort level.

Low Maintenance

Rkitect uPVC windows are easy to care for

Premium quality upvc products require low maintenance, no paint, no polishing. Unlike wood and aluminum windows and doors, uPVC never rots flakes, rusts, fades, pits, peels or cor-rodes. At times low quality poorly extruded upvc prod-ucts brittles; but not Rkitect’s 100% imported premium quality uPVC products. RKITECT gives 15 years brittleness warranty. It needs only a light soapy wash and a check of the seals for mainte-nance.


Upvc is Eco and Earth Friendly, helps in reducing deforestation.

RKITECT doors and windows are a viable as well as superior uPVC is Eco and Earth Friendly, helps in re-ducing deforestation.Rkitect’s doors and windows are a viable as well as superior option to wood and alumi-num. Being a substitute of wood, it helps the environment by reducing deforestation. 100% recyclable Rkitect systems are Lead free, thus increasing the environmental sus-tainability and are free from health and envi-ronmental hazards of lead poisoning.

Water Resistant

uPVC windows can bear rains all lifelong

Extreme harsh weather, heavy rains have no adverse effect on Rkitect uPVC windows. Built with engineering precision, RKITECT’s upvc products will provide the perfect barrier against rain and seepage. Rkitect uses high quality insulation and installation material. Ingenious build-in drainage system ensures that any potential water ingress is eliminated even if windows are washed with water.

Security & Protection

Multi Point Locking System poses resistant to unwanted intuders

Your family is your world and protecting them is an instinctive part of our nature. Protecting our material possessions is also important and feeling safe and secure in our homes is as simple as choosing the right doors and windows. RKITECT’s high security hardware and excellent frame strength gives you that peace of mind.

High UV Protected

Rkitect uPVC windows are High UV resistant

Pakistan is high UV sensitive country. Cheap uPVC formulations are sensitive to UV and oxida-tive degradation. However, technologically ad-vanced Rkitect uPVC profiles contain, Titanium Dioxide, anti-oxidants and other stabilizers which give it strength against degradation, brittleness and fading.

Noise Pollution Reduction

uPVC system helps reduce noise pollution

Rkitect’s multi-chambered uPVC profile de-sign with double EPDM seal ensures inherent insulation against sound infiltration. Installed with appropriate glazing, sound reduction up to 40 dB (decibels) are possible.

Fire Resistance

uPVC don’t support combustion and are self-extinguishing

Rkitect uPVC windows and doors are natural-ly flame retardant throughout their product life. They do not support or enhance acci-dental fire. Oxygen Index of PVC is 45 – 49; it means

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